Credit Card Integrations

Link corporate credit card transactions directly to your expense reports.

Corporate Credit Cards

Say goodbye to manual matching of transactions to reports. By directly integrating a credit card to the creation of an expense report, your financial data will always match.

Corporate Card transaction data is read by Nexonia and captured for your expense report, allowing you to dive deeper into individual expenses, drilling in to see the details behind each charge. Simply select the appropriate transaction and Nexonia will autofill the information in your expense item. You do less and accomplish more, even on the go.

Integration features:

  • All transactions are received in the system after the posting date
  • Metadata allows for custom reporting, field mapping, pre-populating fields and more!
  • Map the Description, Vendor and Reference where you need them
  • MCC Codes can be used to auto-suggest expense categories
  • Determine what are corporate or employee paid credit card transactions – apply differing approval workflows and exports

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