2019 Product Releases

A quick snapshot of Nexonia’s product enhancements in 2019.

Direct Deposit Expense Reimbursement
Through direct partnership with Western Union®, Nexonia announces expense reimbursement using ACH technology. Drastically improve your speed to reimbursement your users without sacrificing the configuration and integration functionality you appreciate in Nexonia.
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Timesheets Enhancement – Support Use of Planned Task Function with Automatic Public Holidays
We have made an enhancement that allows the use of planned tasks synced from Intacct to be used for public holidays in our Timesheets module.
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Direct Deposit Enhancement – Support Canadian Companies
This enhancement allows Canadian companies to utilize our Direct Deposit feature.
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Visibility into Product Usage
We understand that it is important to know how much a vendor will bill you for their services in advance. That’s why we added reporting functionality for you to track actual users within your billing period so that you can anticipate overages charged by Nexonia.
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Netsuite Enhancement – Delta Sync
Nexonia has a deep integration with Netsuite that syncs both native and custom lists. In an effort to strengthen and speed up our syncs with Netsuite we have implemented Delta Sync, which allows us to sync changed data only rather than the full data set.
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Show Rejection Comment On Line Item View
Currently, Rejection comments on expense items are shown only in the item history or in the email notification. This enhancement displays the rejection comment on the line item view so users can more easily see and edit their expenses to resubmit them.