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Reducing Stress for the Business Traveler

Stress is all too often the business traveler’s unwelcome companion. People who travel for work, especially those who head out of town frequently, are burdened with breaks in their routine, lost time and any number of inconveniences that can add up to feeling frustrated, tired and stressed.

Tips To Engage Your Employees In Business Travel Planning

Business travelers hop into cabs, take to the airways and check into hotel rooms day in and day out. They’re meeting with clients, consulting with business partners, and possibly even burning the midnight oil while they’re in a faraway city. They’re out there working hard for the company, and from buying cups of coffee to paying checked-baggage fees, they’re racking up expenses at every turn. To make sure they’re keeping track of their spending—and upholding the integrity of your T&E policy—it helps to involve employees in the travel planning process.

How To Make Your Travel Policy Work

In our previous blog post, we talked about how to create a travel expense policy for your company. Now, you’ve got that bright-and-shiny new policy all ready to go! If you think your job is done, think again.