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Three Things That Will Make Any CFO Fall in Love

Love is in the air, but is it in the cloud? Certainly, there are several benefits to onboarding an automated, cloud-based expense management solution for an end user or administrator, but the head of finance won’t necessarily be wooed by bells and whistles. Implementing new financial management software purely for the sake of integrating something new is obviously not enough of a reason to choose an expense reports program. So what exactly will a CFO find most attractive about a potential SaaS solution?

Show Me The Money! Automating Expense Reporting: What’s the ROI?

Automating business expense reporting is becoming more and more popular, as businesses look to increase efficiency and streamline their accounts. If your organization is still living in the dark ages of manual data entry and spreadsheets, then integrating a cloud-based expense reporting software application with your existing ERP (such as Intacct, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks or similar) will streamline these processes and save you and your organization time and money.