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3 Things That Might Negatively Impact Your Expense Report Management

Inefficiencies throughout the expense management process leads to lower margins for the organization as a whole. To help you understand ways to improve how your organization manages expenses, we would like to highlight 3 expense management weaknesses that a manual expense management process might present, affecting everyone from the sales traveler to the CFO.

9 Tips for Hassle-Free Trade Show Expense Reporting

Trade shows are almost second-to-none in their ability to further participants’ industry know-how and fuel their professional ambitions. These jam-packed events are the perfect place to promote products and services, capture marketplace intelligence, generate leads, and exercise some serious networking skills.

Don’t Get Burned by Error-Prone, Manual Sunshine Act Expense Reporting

Part of health care reform in America, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (commonly referred to as the Sunshine Act) brought much needed transparency to the general public, but also provided a series of challenges for financial professionals at manufacturers of covered drugs, devices, biologicals and medical supplies and group purchasing organizations

Expense Report Rx: Steps to Stop Fraudsters In Their Tracks

Expense report fraud is likely a problem you know exists but tend to minimize. It starts small but grows. And unless you have the right controls in place, it can cost you—a lot. According to global financial advisory firm Stout Risius Ross, an estimated $1 billion is lost each year to fraudulent expense reimbursement.