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3 Expense Reporting Musts for Modern Business Travelers

Technology innovations have ushered in a new set of rules for business travelers and their corporate travel managers. Sophisticated yet user-friendly enterprise systems and cloud-based software services have made working anytime/anyplace the new reality for today’s professionals—and many have embraced it with open arms. Or, shall we say, with connected devices?

Keeping Travelers Happy: The Importance of Rapid Reimbursement

It takes a different breed to be a business traveler. Acting as the face of your company, your corps of business travelers spend weeks away from their families, friends and creature comforts. It pays to keep your team happy, minimizing the stress that comes with each economy class long-haul flight, delay or last minute move.

For the Road Warriors: Mobile Mileage 

Every business traveler—and travel manager, for that matter—has their least favorite expense reporting category. For many, it’s mileage. They dread the manual distance tracking and mileage calculations.