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How Business Travelers Can Live Like a Local

Business travelers have a stressful job. From last minute flight changes to lost luggage, the on-the-go lifestyle takes a toll on the traveler. But with the rise of technology, many aspects of business travel have gotten easier—things like finding a ride (Uber, Lyft), getting a last minute hotel (Airbnb, HotelTonight), or getting a meal are now simplified and can be completed with a few button taps. But what if you want to take your stay in a new city one step further?

Cost of Business Travel and How You Can Save

Year after year, as the average cost of a business trip is increasing, companies are spending big money on business-related travel. From meeting with current and prospective clients to attending industry expositions, there is never a shortage of reasons for employees to pack a suitcase and hit the road. But all the costs associated with…

Fraud and How To Fight It

Corporate fraud is a lot like a leak in your kitchen sink. It comes in small drops, day after day; cents and dollars quietly going down the drain. It may not even be really noticeable at any given time, but by the end of the year it all adds up to quite a bit. In…