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Nexonia Whitepaper: Recipe for Compliance

Your corporate expense policy lives or dies by compliance. But the traditional approach – spreadsheets, disconnected systems, a process of handoffs and approvals – isn’t sustainable. Employees view these processes as a chore; and, because at least part of the process tends to happen manually, non-compliance and errors are frequent and often undetected, leaving you…

The 3 Must-Haves for a Hassle-free DCAA Compliance Solution

Companies providing services to Department of Defense agencies need to comply with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) standards for management policies, financial systems, accounting reliability, cost reasonableness and more. DCAA-compliant accounting is critical, but many organizations struggle with staying on top of the requirements—and they risk failing a DCAA audit.

Don’t Get Burned by Error-Prone, Manual Sunshine Act Expense Reporting

Part of health care reform in America, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (commonly referred to as the Sunshine Act) brought much needed transparency to the general public, but also provided a series of challenges for financial professionals at manufacturers of covered drugs, devices, biologicals and medical supplies and group purchasing organizations

How to Ensure Your Business is DCAA-Compliant

Do you know if you’re compliant? The Defence Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has a strict set of rules for companies providing services to Department of Defense agencies. Management policies, financial systems, accounting reliability, cost reasonableness and other aspects of the service must comply with DCAA standards. Nexonia, with its extensive features, fast implementation and cost-effectiveness, provides seamless DCAA-compliant time and expense-tracking, with a multitude of billing capabilities.