Emburse Cards

Nexonia leverages Emburse Cards to issue virtual and plastic cards instantly.

Emburse Card Controls

Enforce Rules at Point of Sale
Automate rules for where, when and how much an employee can spend and prevent purchases that do not meet your policy. For example, set a budget of $100 to be only spent Monday – Friday on Ubers.

Automated Expense Reconciliation
Immediately after a purchase is made, a notification is sent to the user to add a receipt and complete the expense. Transactions can follow approval routes or auto-approve based on custom workflows.

Purchase Requests and Invoicing
Users can request additional funds that immediately go to a supervisor for approval. Once approved, an instant virtual card is generated and ready to be used for purchases or a pre-existing card is loaded with more funds.

Comprehensive Fraud Protection
With real time fraud detection, administrators will get a notification immediately if something doesn’t look right. Charges can be disputed directly on the transactions report without having to call the credit card provider.

Emburse Cards Features

Direct Accounting Sync
With our integration between platforms, we simplify the card management process by automatically associating each transaction to an employee. Continuously sync these transactions directly with tools like QuickBooks, Intacct, NetSuite, or Xero.

Real Time Insights
Administrators can see all team member spending as soon as they swipe their card and can adjust budgets accordingly. Unlike other expense management software, administrators will also be able to see transactions in pending status even before they fully post.

Spend with Mobile Wallets
Easily add both your virtual and physical Emburse Card to your mobile wallet for on-the-go access with support for Android and IOS. Deactivating a card will instantly cancel the card in the wallet.

Cash Back
Impact the bottom line each time a card is used. Receive a percentage of cash back based on eligible transaction volume that will be directly credited into your Emburse account on a monthly basis.

Who Uses Emburse Cards?