Abacus Reach

Nexonia works alongside Abacus Reach to provide expense management designed for non-employees, such as volunteers and recruits.

Abacus Reach Features

Fast Reimbursement
Non-employees want to be reimbursed for expenses as quickly as possible. Reimburse them within days versus weeks by direct depositing the amount into their bank account.

Easy Submission
Instead of worrying about finding a lost receipt or remembering what the purchase was for, non-employees have the option of real time expense submission at the point of purchase.

Enforceable Policy
Set automated limits on where, when and how much can be spent and prevent purchases that do not meet the policy. Send automatic notifications to the user when the policy is violated.

Automated Reconciliation
Employees are prompted to submit expenses, including receipts and details, immediately after purchase. Directly sync these expenses to your ERP.

Emburse Cards

Virtual and Physical Cards
You have the option to issue credit cards to non-employees, such as volunteers, job candidates, external consultants, and contractors. With the ability to deactivate each card with one-click, you never have to worry if a non-employee leaves or loses a card.

Enforce Rules at Point of Purchase
Automate rules for where, when and how much an employee can spend and prevent purchases that do not meet the criteria. Transactions can be auto-approved or sent for review based on your processes.

Direct Accounting Sync
Continuously sync expenses directly into QuickBooks, Intacct, NetSuite, or Xero. For businesses with custom ERP’s, use our CSV template builder to export data exactly how you need it.

Get Cash Back
Benefit your company each time a card is used. Receive a percentage of cash back based on eligible transaction volume.