Abacus Reach for Nexonia

The most efficient way to manage non-employee expenses.

Volunteers and contractors don’t want to be burdened with tracking expenses in spreadsheets and waiting weeks for reimbursement. But, with manual processes like spreadsheets and scanning of receipts via email, often slow reimbursements are just the way business has been done, until now.


Nexonia leverages Abacus Reach to provide expense management designed for non-employees, suchas volunteers and recruits. Now, submitting expenses and getting reimbursed is fast and painless.

Fast Reimbursements

Within 48 hours, Reach will direct deposit the amount into their bank account.

Easy Submission

Real-time expense submission at the point of sale.

Transparent Policy

The expense policy is shared upon signup, so there are no questions later.

Automated Reconciliation

Directly sync expenses, including receipt details, immediately after purchase

Direct Accounting Sync

Continuously sync expenses in either cash or accrual method directly into QuickBooks, Intacct, NetSuite, Xero or use a CSV for ERP integrations.


Our bi-directional, API-based integrations help you seamlessly input transfer and update data within the existing financial applications you use every day.

Connect Your Accounting Software

Our leading-class integrations provide almost limitless configurability. Communicate with your ERP effortlessly to further automate your daily workload.


Connect Your Travel

Comprehensive travel booking and travel expense management integrations go the extra mile for keeping your itineraries on-budget.


Our integration capabilities aren’t limited to Expenses. By combining it with our support for other financial systems like payroll, payment portals, and more, you unleash the potential to simplify even the most complex needs.

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