Technology-assisted human audit

Trust our team of expert auditors to identify fraud, reduce risk, and ensure compliance through independent verification.

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Emburse Audit dashboard

We’ll help you take control over spending

Emburse Audit is your organization’s first line of spend defense. Our expert team of independent auditors carefully reviews your expense receipts and accounts payable spend to ensure compliance and identify trends that may lead to fraud.

Emburse Audit dashboard

Trust our independent auditors to:

Provide initial reviews

As your company's first line of spend defense, we'll carefully review details that automated providers easily miss.

Verify for accuracy

We thoroughly review your receipts to ensure reimbursement requests adhere to policy.

Eliminate discrepancies

Our team identifies missing invoice details and duplicates to mitigate spend risk before reimbursement.

Enforce policy efficiently

We work directly with the employees involved to resolve exceptions before they reach an internal power.


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Emburse Nexonia delivers what they promise, in a professional and expert manner. Our quirky requests have never been denied. Customer service is outstanding.”

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