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Never Stop Learning: Introducing the Nexonia Knowledge Center

Even a genius like Albert Einstein knew when it was time to ask for help. While working on a 200-year-old math problem, Einstein’s work kept producing an error. After having his assistant review the calculations, they discovered a small oversight was the root of his error. After a quick fix, Einstein went on to solve…


Proudly Announcing Our Partner of the Year

With an outstanding array of partners in our community, it was challenging to recognize just one organization as the 2018 Nexonia Partner of the Year—yet one company truly stood out for helping their customers get the most value from their finances. Please join us in congratulating AcctTwo as our Partner of the Year, for continuing…


3 Expense Management Trends You Need to Know

Since 2013, the Expense Management Trends Report has helped organizations of all sizes stay informed of industry trends and best practices from their peers across North America. Nexonia is part of the Certify, Inc. Family of Brands—and this year’s report offers valuable insights into the industry.


AcctTwo on the Future of Finance

What if your finance and accounting teams could see into the future? What kind of insight could they gather and use to keep the company heading in the right direction? With the right technology, your finance team can now come very close to this.