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Why Nexonia Expenses?

Integrated with your existing systems.

We specialize in highly configurable system integrations: sync data quickly and easily between Nexonia Expenses and your ERP/accounting solution and travel management systems.

Multi-currency support.

With over 161 currencies to choose from, Nexonia retrieves daily exchange rates in any currency you need, the amount being auto-calculated based on the date of your receipt.

Configured to match your policies.

Get flexible approval workflows tailored to your company's needs. Nexonia supports nearly unlimited levels of approval routing.

Pay employees, fast.

Reimburse U.S.-based employees quickly, securely, and in as little as three days—powered by the gold standard in payments, Western Union Business Solutions.

Who Uses Nexonia?

What Our Customers are Saying

The most efficient and simplest app for expenses I have ever used! It’s perfect for the person always on the road. Say “goodbye” to piles of receipts and to spending hours each month completing expenses and say “hello” to spending time on what matters…sales!

Vanessa, Straumann

I save a lot of time with my expenses now that we have Nexonia. I use to have to photocopy stuff and send in paperwork. And I usually did that weeks or even months after my trip. Now I submit [report] after I take a snappy of my last receipt. I get my reimbursements much quicker!

Robert, Marketo

I’m sure I haven’t yet worked with a better service team than Nexonia’s. Seriously. It’s evident that you are passionate about your product and service and happy to support your customers. That comes through in every interaction I’ve had with Nexonia…Sandra, Torie, Stephen, and others.

Denny, Clarity Solution Group

I’m sure I haven’t yet worked with a better service team than Nexonia’s. Seriously. It’s evident that you are passionate about your product and service and happy to support your customers. That comes through in every interaction I’ve had with Nexonia…Sandra, Torie, Stephen, and others.

Mark, Hamamatsu

Nexonia has exceeded my expectations. The help desk is very quick and thorough in explanations. The import feature is amazing. Overall, quick and easy to use and administer.

Cindy, Community America Credit Union

The service from the Nexonia team throughout the implementation process was exemplary. The expense report mobile and web based product is easy to use and teach. And, although users were quite apprehensive at first, we have only heard positive comments from our staff.

Dwight, The Risk Management Association

As a consultant who needs to do expense reports on a weekly basis Nexonia Mobile App became one of my most frequently used mobile applications which lightens administrative tasks.

Fabienne, Ungerboeck Software International

The Nexonia’s team has a spirit of understanding customer’s needs. We at Check Point Software felt it immediately. We are happy having Nexonia as one of our best vendors and looking forward doing more business with Nexonia in the future.

Isaac, Check Point

Nexonia is a very user friendly system and as time’s passing by, this system is updating with the fast paced technology. As an administrator, I do the training of employees in Nexonia. Fortunately, the training is very easy to do & employees pick up on it very fast.

Sabina, Internet Society

I LOVE THE EXPENSES [mobile] MODULE for the ease of uploading the receipt pics. Super easy and quick. I also like the cover snapshot stating status of approved/pending approval.

Samara, Tandem HR

I love the Nexonia app! I’m excited about tracking and submitting my expenses because it’s so easy to do!

Amata, Education Pioneers

Keep up the great work, we at Siriusware enjoy using Nexonia and it has dramatically changed how efficient and productive we are internally.

Louis, Siriusware

I love having a mobile version of our expense system, and a quick and easy way to view and update my expense reports on the go!

Dan, SurveyMonkey

The app is life changing. I have no receipts crumpled in my wallet.

Marcy, Just Marketing Inc.

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