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Get back to doing the work that keeps your business running with flexible approval workflows, intuitive mobile apps and access to training and support from Nexonia. Powerful Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, credit card management, travel integration and more all in the cloud and on your smartphone.

Nexonia & Microsoft Dynamics GP

Integration Benefits

  • Advanced, configurable, automated web-based integration and exports
  • All approved data automatically syncs to your Microsoft Dynamics GP GL account segments (including their interrelations) and all other required fields – overnight or at the push of a button.
  • GP Segments mapped to Nexonia objects, supporting any Dynamics dimension: vendors, GL accounts, departments, billable status, and so much more!
  • Streamlined corporate policy and approval process
  • Web and mobile applications

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integrates Seamlessly With

  • Nexonia Expenses
  • Nexonia Timesheets
  • Nexonia Time Off

Unparalleled Customer Support

We provide support and training online and by phone – we’re here for you whenever you need it.



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What you’ll experience with Nexonia Expenses:

Seamless Integration

All approved expenses automatically sync of your Microsoft Dynamics GP GL account segments (including their interrelations) and all other required fields – overnight or at the push of a button. 

Credit Card Control

We handle any type of card from any bank. By pulling in your corporate credit card transactions on daily basis, you can create accurate reports based on the the feeds you choose. Nexonia tracks feeds from over 30,000 banks worldwide so you’re covered wherever you are, with whatever bank you’re using.

VAT and Multi-Currency

We’re experts in value added taxes and currencies from any corner of the world. With our daily-updated exchange rates, you will know for sure how much was spent and how much needs to be reimbursed in the traveller’s “home” currency. We’ll also provide the right correct taxes no matter where the expense is made and what type of expense it is.


The Nexonia Expenses mobile app is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone. The app is fully featured – meaning you can manage your expenses on mobile phone or tablet the same way you do on the web: create, edit, submit and approve expense reports. You can even create reports and save receipts on your mobile device with no internet connection, and saved reports will sync when you are ready.

Policies and Approvals

Nexonia helps protect your corporate values by streamlining your spending rules (no matter how complex) and making them easy to manage. We can send alerts or prevent submission for reports which do not align with your specified policies. We also create flexible approval processes with as many levels and conditions as you need – so you will know who is in charge of an expense at any step of the way.

Advanced Analytics

We want you to get the most of your data – and that’s why Nexonia gives you the ability to craft and tailor your reports the way you want. All you need is just a click away: month-to-month spendings, totals by category or department, reports by date or project, or anything else you desire.

Nexonia is proud to offer the smartest, most versatile solution for tracking business expenses. And with our Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, you can take advantage of the power and simplicity of advanced data management. It’s time to start saving.

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