MasterControl Streamlines Financial Workflows With NetSuite and Nexonia (Case Study)

We love to take on new challenges and discover ways to configure and support our customers’ needs when it comes to our products. Each of our new customers has a unique set of challenges, and our team takes great pride in helping to remove their existing complications and streamlining their accounting processes. We’re just as delighted to follow up with these customers months later to hear that Nexonia has saved them time, money and headaches!

Working together with Solid Vapor and NetSuite, we reconnected with Jeffrey Kessler, Financial Controller at MasterControl Inc. MasterControl’s biggest challenge was the fact that many of its customers have large government contracts that require them to audit suppliers to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Finding a solution that could ensure that they were accruing use taxes properly became a number one priority for the finance MasterControl team.

Download a PDF copy of the case study and learn how MasterControl streamlined and expedited their overall expense report process while remaining compliant with government regulations, with the help of NetSuite and Nexonia Expenses.

Download the Nexonia case study