What To Look For When Selecting Expense Management Software (Part 2)

What To Look For When Selecting Expense Management Software (Part 2)

We help you ask (and answer) the tough questions!

Computer functionality vector illustrationIn our previous post, we discussed some of the questions you might be asking when searching for an expense management solution. Having a framework to understand how expense management software will help solve your company’s current expense issues will build the foundation for ultimately choosing the best fitting solution for your business and your team. While it is essential to recognize your company’s current accounting challenges, structures and policies, it’s equally important to have a deep knowledge of potential software solution provider’s priorities, vision and standards. A new business solution might have an attractive user interface, but do their business values align with your own? If they integrate with your ERP, is it on a superficial level or a highly configured connection? Asking certain questions may help you determine what is (and isn’t) a dealbreaker!

QUESTION: WHAT? (Defining Deep Integrations & System Requirements)

THINK CLOUD. Do you know what your expense management solution should look like? The ideal system will both streamline and automate your expense accounting processes as much as possible so that you spend less time fussing with it! We recommend opting for a cloud-based web application, allowing data to be securely accessible from anywhere, without relying on internal servers or downloading a lot of software.

GO MOBILE. Utilizing an intuitive web-based solution with user-friendly mobile apps will also fast-track the approval process for your expense reports. Giving your employees the ability to submit expenses on their smartphones or tablets will not only give them the freedom to handle their expense reports while on the go; it will eliminate the time administrators have to spend manually collecting and entering the information into your accounting system.

CONNECT THE DOTS. Today's executives are constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, but disconnected accounting systems can disrupt the flow of important data. Finding an expense management solution that can seamlessly integrate with your current accounting/ERP system(s) will create an operational nexus for project management, accounting and expense reporting.

QUESTION: WHO? (Who are you going to call? It’s not Ghostbusters…)

GET BY (WITH A LOT OF HELP FROM YOUR FRIENDS). One fundamental ingredient that is often overlooked when purchasing an expense management solution is support. Sure...you might want to date the supermodel, but is it really worth it if they leave you high and dry after you commit? OK, business expenses may be a different kettle of fish, but the sentiment is the same. Not every expense management solution will include access to training and support resources, and other SaaS providers may only offer these services for additional add-on fees. Your company’s processes are unique, and can (and will) change over time as you adopt new systems and hire new people. Having access to training and on-call assistance will be fundamental to truly improving the quality of your expense management process.

TRY US ON FOR SIZE. Of course we’d be delighted if you decided to become a Nexonia customer, but at the end of the day we want you to find the best fit for you and your team. Making you delighted it what drives us day to day, and we want you to have a great fit.

Nexonia is...

  • Driven to create the best possible products, period.
  • Passionate about providing unparallelled customer service through included training and support, which means we’re there for you (online and by phone) whenever you need us.
  • Committed to making sure our customers have a great experience with our products, so if there's a feature you want that we don't currently offer, we're truly enthusiastic about refining an existing feature or adding new ones to meet your company's needs.

You deserve to be thrilled by your expense management solution. We’ve got a beautiful product, intelligent configurations and are committed to your happiness. Go ahead, check us out!

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