The Corporate Travel Manager's Holiday Wish List

The Corporate Travel Manager's Holiday Wish List

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While the holidays inspire most people around the office to deck out their desks with garland and sip on mocha peppermint lattes, corporate travel managers have other things on their minds; like wrapping up straggling expense reports and reconciling receipts and payments before year-end. But when visions of timely approvals and balanced T&E budgets crowd out the dancing sugar plum fairies, we’d say it’s probably a good time to create a wish list to share with the North Pole, C-Suite.

To lighten your load, we’ve created this travel management wish list. And to make things a little easier for your company’s executive gift-givers, we’re sharing what it takes to make your wishes come true.

“I wish I didn’t have to explain, yet again, which expenses qualify for reimbursement.”

If an expense reporting process with built-in T&E policy compliance safeguards sounds like the stuff of dreams are made of, think again. Nexonia Expenses is configured using your company’s travel expense policy. This means that it has controls (including customized expense categories and required fields), keeping employees compliant with what’s reimbursable, and what’s not. Even the approvals process is aligned with your corporate expense policy, so the right people always have their eyes on the right reports.

“I wish employees would submit their expense reports on time.”

A timely process ensures you don’t have to chase down employees for expense reports—so you can close the books, help the finance team optimize cash flow and keep employees happy with quick expense reimbursement. The key is implementing an automated system like Nexonia Expenses. When their expense reporting process has a user-friendly interface and offers on-the-go accessibility through the powerful mobile Nexonia Expenses app, employees won’t want to wait to the last minute to create and submit a report. Plus, company administrators enjoy smoother approvals and reconciliations, eliminating the bottlenecks associated with a manual workflow.

“I wish I didn’t have to enter the same expense information into multiple systems”

If only you had integrated systems, you wouldn’t be overburdened with time-consuming, error-prone and manual double entries. With Nexonia Expenses, you’ll have automated integration with your other business applications: travel management, accounting/ERP, payroll, CRM and more. You’ll have the flexibility to include custom fields so your data works the way you need it to. You can map to various financial data, incorporate credit card feeds and manage multiple currencies—whatever you need to make your expense reporting process easy and streamlined.

“I wish I had better news for my boss!”

The secret to impressing the powers-that-be with actionable operational insights is in the data—and the tools you have to make the most of it. Nexonia Expenses gives you a level of transparency you simply can’t get from manual, offline expense reporting. When your expenses go digital, every transaction becomes “crunchable” and your team gets the information you need to make smart budgeting decisions, effective process improvements, and successful policy enhancements.

Nexonia Expenses is on a cloud-based platform, so you can’t wrap it in a bow—but it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. Here’s to hoping your wishes get fulfilled in time for the New Year!


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