Sockeye Consulting + Nexonia: Building best-in-class time and expense

Katie St. Michel
Sockeye Consulting + Nexonia: Building best-in-class time and expense

Choosing the right partner can be challenging. But when you discover the perfect fit, the results can be groundbreaking—for everyone involved.

Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our latest partner, Sockeye Consulting based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Better together

Sockeye Consulting helps organizations leverage the latest technology to improve business operations and finance.

The firm primarily supports constructions companies and government contractors with adhering to DCAA regulations—a key component for working with the Department of Defense. While the regulations are complex, Nexonia is perfectly suited for the challenge.

“Sockeye’s partnership with Nexonia provides our construction and government contracting clients with DCAA compliant tools to better fit their needs,” explains Nick Brorson, CEO of Sockeye Consulting. “Nexonia’s products provide user-friendly, modern expense and time reporting seamlessly integrated into Sage Intacct. We are excited to bring another best-in-class solution to our clients.”


Sockeye is known for its collaborative approach to consulting work, primarily with large enterprises. The company was founded by three former Microsoft employees, and they naturally gravitated towards Microsoft’s intelligent business applications. And they didn’t stop there.

Staying at the forefront of financial software for their clients, Sockeye also works with the powerful and flexible Sage Intacct platform. With Intacct’s intuitive interface, strong product direction, and true cloud engineering, they knew they found the right ERP to help their clients.

Recognized by the best

Nexonia is renowned for its industry’s leading Sage Intacct integration. The integration has won awards for the way it allows data to effortlessly flow between both platforms. Nexonia acts as a user-friendly system for employees to input their time and expense data, allowing Intacct to remain the single source of truth.

"Nexonia is very excited to partner with Sockeye Consulting. We are a great fit for Sockeye’s clients that have complex business needs and value software solutions that solve for compliance challenges like DCAA,” says Rob McGarry, VP of Strategic Partnerhips at Nexonia. “Our best in class expense solution built to work seamlessly with Intacct is a great tool for helping their customers manage their business.”

Sockeye has equally won acclaim for its deep understanding of the Intacct platform. As a certified Sage Intacct Partner, the firm was recognized by Intacct for its exceptional service in 2018 when it was invited to Intacct’s President’s Club. They’re on track to receive the same award again for 2019 and beyond—and we’re thrilled to be partners of theirs as they set out to accomplish this.

To learn more about how Nexonia can help you stay compliant with DCAA regulations and elevate your financials, please reach out to our team.

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