September 2013 - NetSuite Newsletter


 NEW FOR September 2013

  • Posting period enhancements: We've added more settings for posting periods, including automated fallback to the oldest open posting period automatically.
  • Forcing expenses to a single posting period: This means that we'll autoadjust an expense report line item that falls outside of the posting period to be either on the first or last day of the period (as appropriate) when transferring to NetSuite.
  • Employee number mapping: You can now map a NetSuite custom field, or the NetSuite employee's number, entity id, internal id, external id to the Nexonia employee number field.
  • Purchase order attachments: We now can transfer all PO attachments to NetSuite during the PO transfer process.
  • Class override for billable expenses: You can set a class for all billable expenses and that will be used whenever billable expenses are sent to NetSuite.

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