September 2013 - Intacct Newsletter


 NEW FOR September 2013

  • Nexonia custom field values into Intacct custom fields: This is a great feature and means you can add custom fields in Nexonia and rather than send the values into standard Intacct fields, you can now send these custom field values into Intacct custom fields.
  • Customer name prefix/suffix: You can now add the Intacct customer ID as a prefix or suffix to the Intacct customer name when syncing it over to Nexonia. Intacct employee custom fields: This is great, as you can add a custom field in Nexonia and Intacct and manage it from Intacct and Nexonia will sync the values automatically!
  • Intacct expense approval limit custom field: You can now create an expense approval limit custom field in Intacct and Nexonia will pick up the values on syncing and they can then be used in Nexonia approval processes.
  • Timesheets split by project: This allows a multiproject weekly timesheets in Nexonia to be divided into projectspecific timesheets in Intacct.
  • Expenses billable flag: This can now be sent for expenses, just like it has been possible for timesheets.


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