Reducing Stress for the Business Traveler

Reducing Stress for the Business Traveler

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Stress is all too often the business traveler’s unwelcome companion. People who travel for work, especially those who head out of town frequently, are burdened with breaks in their routine, lost time and any number of inconveniences that can add up to feeling frustrated, tired and stressed.

Corporate travel managers are well aware of the strain-ridden situations faced by their employees, and they’re doing their best to help address them: for example, booking aisle seats for the restless flyer or issuing corporate credit cards to minimize cash handling, all while staying within the parameters of the corporate T&E policy, of course. But while a lot goes into the stress “equation” for business travelers—and it’s literally impossible to eradicate it—identifying pressure points in the trip life cycle puts you a step closer to reducing at least some your employees’ stress (and your own!).

Expense Reimbursement and Post-Trip Stress

Insights from a study performed by Carlson Wagonlit Travel in partnership with business school HEC Paris is shared in the report Global Business Travel Builds Sales and Stress. (See an interactive infographic of the study results on Harvard Business Review.) Researchers measured travelers’ stress levels across 33 known stressors, and Reimbursement is considered equally as stressful as Long Stays (3+ nights) and Geopolitical Context at Destination. It’s not as stressful as Lost or Delayed Baggage and Poor/No Internet Connection, but it’s more stressful than Fear of Flying, Jetlag, and even Working Long Hours at Destination.

The study reveals that for VPs in particular, post-trip stress skyrockets. The study authors suggest these executives are stressed because they feel pressure to justify inadvertently going over their travel budgets. Whether they ordered a few too many appetizers with dinner or a last-minute delay led to a rebooking on a more expensive flight home, the task of completing their expense report is anxiety-inducing.

Streamlining the Reimbursement Process

Expense reporting is one thing that doesn’t need to cause unwanted friction for the traveler—or travel administrator, for that matter. Carrying a folder or envelope around to house containing crumpled receipts is cumbersome enough, but the stress involved with returning home, only to complete an expense report and wait for approvals and reimbursement is, in this day and age, unnecessary.

With solutions like Nexonia Expenses and the user-friendly Expenses mobile app, creating, submitting, approving and processing expense reports for reimbursement is hassle-free. Employees can manage their expenses while they’re on the road, so there’s no more waiting until the last minute. They can focus on income-generating tasks both during their trip and afterwards. Administrating the expense reporting process becomes automatic for travel managers—with just a few clicks, reports can be reviewed, signed-off on and sent for payment. It’s optimal efficiency for everyone.

Traveling is necessary for business and revenue growth, so if there’s a way to make the experience of business travel more comfortable for road warriors and the folks back at the office, it’s worth exploring.

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