QuickBooks Newsletter - November 2015



New Features for QuickBooks:

  • Small Refinements: We're always tweaking things based on customer feedback.
  • Bamboo HR HRIS Integration: Now you can have Bamboo auto-populate employees in Nexonia. If you use Bamboo, this is awesome news!
  • Manual Match and Merge: This is a web-only feature (mobile coming early 2016) where you can now merge any existing manual expense entry with a credit card transaction, making it a credit card entry going forward.
  • Time Off Now Editable in Timesheets: Now you can add and edit time off from within the timesheet interface, in addition to our Time Off interface.
  • Time Off Seniority-Accruals: Now if you have rules for staff getting more vacation time depending on years of service we've got you covered!
  • Time Off Holidays now Auto-Populate Timesheets: We all have holidays... they're now auto-populated by region.
  • Nexonia Timesheets: Our support for multi-timers has been completed and will be released to the app stores the first week of December, meaning you'll see it on Android then and on Apple about a week later. (Apple typically has a week-long delay before they release new updates.) You’ll be able to start a timer on the web and stop it on your phone...and vice versa!
  • Nexonia Expenses: Our next release has a ton of user-driven features. It's dev-complete and is now into about a month of testing (we are very careful with our testing). You'll see swipe-to-delete for reports and items, a great date-picker, multi-add for receipts and items, a revamped menu structure and a revamped amount editor, just to name some of the upcoming features, to be released either late December or early January.
  • Apple Watch Timesheet Timers: Yes, you read that right! It's in development and should be complete later in December and then onto testing. You’ll be able to use your watch to tap between timers you’ve set up on the web or on your phone. Talk about consultants wowing their clients! You can expect it in January.
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