QuickBooks Newsletter - March 2015



New Features for QuickBooks:

  • Small Refinements: More small refinements based on customer feedback. The great thing is that we add these refinements as settings for all customers to use, and by now we have a ton of configurable features for our QuickBooks integration!
  • Coming Soon: We've just launched our AP system and are looking for our first QuickBooks customer that'd like us to do our advanced integration with it!


  • Accounts Payable: We now have a full AP solution with vendor portal, attachments, invoice-­to-­email and advanced approval routing. Book a demo to learn more! 
  • VAT Tax Profile Defaults by Region: If you need this, you'll like it!
  • Web Receipt Uploads 6 at a Time: One of our competitors supports 3 receipt attachment uploads at a time on the web. We decided to double them, for six! :) 


  • Nexonia Timesheets New UI: It's just a great interface. We're working on adding many new timers to the mobile apps in the coming months. 
  • New Expenses UI: We're currently in testing for Android and it'll be out mid-April and then the iOS update will follow in late April/May. 
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