Nexonia Unveils Fresh Look for Online Interface


Nexonia Unveils Fresh Look for Online Interface

Improved Look and Functionality for Expense Reports and Timesheets Users

Toronto, Ontario - March 12, 2013

Nexonia Inc. has announced a brand-new online user interface for their Expense Reports and Timesheets solutions. The infinitely customizable configuration settings and straightforward functionality will be elegantly presented in a new, modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

“Our focus was always on functionality and features we can offer to our customers,” says Neil Wainwright, CEO of Nexonia Inc. “Now, as we provide more features than any of our competitors, we turn our attention to refining the appearance and usability.” The product of combining leading web-design best practices with customers’ feedback & recommendations, the new-look Nexonia Expense Reports and Timesheets solutions are ready to be explored.

The fresh look starts with pleasing and well-proportioned layouts and buttons. The new drop-down menus are clean and logical. The presentation of the time and expense reports themselves is geared toward easy and straightforward usability. Nexonia used Twitter’s open source Bootstrap user interface framework as the foundation for the re-design.

All of the features that Nexonia users know and love are present in the new interface. The intuitive layout will make users immediately comfortable in the new environment. All existing settings and preferences will be maintained during the transition.

“Both Expense Reports and Timesheets are famous for their endless flexibility and ridiculously easy to use functionality” Neil explains, “but we realized that looks mean a lot as well. We’ve baked a great cake, now we need to decorate it beautifully.”

Though Nexonia is always working in the background to enhance functionality or add new features, this is the most significant interface change for Nexonia in the last three to four years. This is just the beginning; more exciting changes are yet to come.

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