Nexonia Releases Multi-User Mobile Expense Reports


Nexonia Releases Multi-User Mobile Expense Reports

Nexonia Expense Reports Users Can Now Have Multiple Accounts on Their Mobile Phones

Toronto, Ontario - June 25, 2013

Mobile Multi-User Expense ReportsNexonia Inc. announced multi-user capability for their Expense Reports mobile app.

Often, administrators or administrative assistants have to manage more than one user account when reporting expenses. Nexonia’s web application has always supported this capability, but on mobile, given it’s single-user nature, this used to require a logout/login process. Now Nexonia Expense Reports administrators can manage all of the accounts they are responsible for with one login, seamlessly moving between accounts while working on reports. Submitting, approving and editing a report on behalf of someone else through a mobile device becomes very easy.

“We were thinking about the people who use our Expense Reports solution more than anyone else - the administrative assistants. They have to manage reports within multiple accounts, sometimes 10-15. To make their job easier we decided to build multi-user function for our mobile application, so wherever they are, the entire expense management process is fast and easy for them,” says Neil Wainwright, Nexonia’s CEO.

As a bonus, the mobile User Interface for Nexonia Expense Reports has been updated with a new intuitive home page, buttons and the ability to swipe between receipts and line items; not to mention that all those updates are very secure.

These enhancements encourage users to report their expenses more often through mobile devices (iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10) than through the web application. Mobile multi-user is available today for Android and is coming soon for iOS and BlackBerry 10. With the Nexonia Expense Reports solution, filing expenses becomes easy and even fun.

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