Nexonia Expenses & Bill.com: Seamless Integration (Infographic)

Nexonia Expenses & Bill.com: Seamless Integration (Infographic)

Although Nexonia Expenses has been fully integrated with Bill.com for awhile now, it may be hard to visualize exactly how these two systems work so efficiently together. With an established accounting system (such as Intacct, NetSuite, Dynamics GP, QuickBooks or Xero), or as a standalone integration, expense reports submitted in Nexonia transfer automatically into Bill.com, linking all important information such as employee and GL accounts, receipt information and credit card transactions. Nexonia makes the creation of expense reports incredibly easy for the user submitting them, and eliminates the need for any manual input into Bill.com by the accounting or financial adminstrators.  These two SaaS applications combined create an incredibly efficient bill payment and expense reporting automation solution; an essential function in effective financial management.

To help visualize how Bill.com and Nexonia fully integrate with each other, we've created a handy infographic below:

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