Nexonia Employee Spotlight: Senior Implementation Specialist

Nexonia Employee Spotlight: Senior Implementation Specialist

nexonia employee spotlight featuring senior implementation specialist

At Nexonia, we pride ourselves on creating unbeatable integrations that will constantly delight our customers, and our Implementation team is the powerhouse that supports us in reaching these goals. No matter if you are an Intacct, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP (or any ERP) user, our Implementation team designs, creates and configures solutions for all of our customers that leave them feeling confident in their new system integration. While Implementation takes care of most of the back-end work, it’s time to shine some light on this talented team. I sat down with Emma Roe, one of our Senior Implementation Specialists, to learn how she has mastered the art of creating amazing integrations for our customers.

MADELEINE: First things first, tell me a little bit about yourself!

EMMA: I was born and raised in Toronto and have lived here my whole life. I temporarily moved away for school to the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario where I studied Anthropology and earned my Bachelor's of Arts Degree. I originally started in a Science program during my first year, but chemistry really wasn’t my thing. I took an Anthropology class (and loved it!) so I switched my major and continued my degree with that line of study. I also earned a minor in French, but I don't get to practice it as much as I'd like to. After I graduated from university, I moved back to Toronto and I've lived here ever since.

MADELEINE: How has your career developed and led you to Nexonia?

EMMA: Well most people who study anthropology obviously end up working at a software company doing implementation... or I guess that’s just me! When I finished school and came back to Toronto I had an assortment of odd jobs working at bakeshops and cafes, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. After doing that for a while I got a job working for a event production company who was working on a project for the CN tower’s tourism efforts. They created a handheld navigation guide where you could raise the device to the skyline and it would show you what exactly you were looking at, for example "This is the Royal Ontario Museum you're seeing out the window. And this is the Art Gallery of Ontario building." I supervised a team of people who were onsite selling the device and renting them to tourists. I had a one year contract with this company and when it ended the management team offered me a position as their Finance Administrator. At the time I didn't have any other positions lined up, so I thought, “...why not?" As the Finance Administrator, I was responsible for receiving our credit card statements in the mail and had to manually type out the statement details, search for the corresponding receipts, and code them each individually. I might have actually enjoyed the job a little more if we had a solution such as Nexonia.

I also worked as a bank teller for a while but this still didn’t seem like the right role for me; I knew I wanted a job that was much more interactive. And it wasn’t too long after that I came to Nexonia! I actually had an interview here one year before I joined Nexonia’s Implementation team, for a Sales position. Turns out that I wasn't really interested in working in Sales per say but I was really interested in working at Nexonia. When another position for an Implementation Specialist opened up, I came in to interview again and thought, "Yes. This is going to be a perfect fit for me," and I’ve been here ever since!

MADELEINE: Did you know a lot about the FinTech industry before you decided to join it?

EMMA: I’d say I’ve learned on the go for the most part. The companies that I’d worked for in the past had used outdated accounting software solutions that weren’t user friendly at all. Before I found out about Nexonia, I didn’t know very much about the SaaS world or financial technology.

MADELEINE: Sounds like you’ve had lots of experience working for many different types of companies. What sets Nexonia apart from them?

EMMA: Honestly, I've never had a job before that I loved until I started at Nexonia. The support that I've had from my manager, the other people on my team and the other teams that I work with has been unparalleled at any other company. The people who work here make it such an incredible environment and the support, knowledge transfer and social occasions are the best I’ve experienced. The people here are truly amazing and it's very exciting to see the company grow so much in the time that I’ve been here.

MADELEINE: Implementation is one of the three major departments that fall under the Customer Success team. How would you explain to someone how Implementation interacts with the other two departments (Product Education and Support)?

EMMA: Implementation is the first of the three teams that you’ll be interacting with when you become a new customer at Nexonia. As a new customer, you’ll see the Product Education team briefly during the demo stage, but once a customer goes through the sales process they come to the Implementation team next. Here, we are responsible for designing and configuring your account, as well as setting it all up. First, we meet with you to identify what you need from your solution. For example What are your business requirements and needs? What have your employees used for tracking their expenses or time in the past? What pain points can we alleviate for you with your unique configuration? We use these responses to calculate how we will design and configure Nexonia for you, as a new customer.

As a new customer, once your account is configured to your liking, you’ll be transferred to our Product Education team to complete your team’s product training. When your Nexonia account is fully live, you’ll be  introduced to our Support team. The Nexonia Support and Implementation teams work very closely together for a lot of knowledge sharing because we do many of the same configurations and set-ups. We are constantly helping each other out with little areas that we're stuck on, or areas that need a second set of eyes.

MADELEINE: Do you have a specific area that you specialize in as part of the Implementation team?

EMMA: Yes, I usually take on accounts that are integrated with QuickBooks® Desktop, QuickBooks® Online, Microsoft Dynamics GP and many of our non-integrated or flat file customers.

MADELEINE: While I can imagine there's no typical day for you, what would you say a day in the life of an Implementation Specialist at Nexonia would be like?

EMMA: I’d say a day in the life of a Nexonia Implementation Specialist would start off with our morning huddle. The whole Implementation team meets to discuss what we have going on during the day, and if there are any areas that we're stuck on so that we can all be aware if someone may need help with anything. Then, I might go into an admin training with a customer, which would involve a member of the Product Education Team to walk them through a day in the life of an Nexonia admin. I am involved in this part of the onboarding process incase there are any specific questions the customer has pertaining to their unique configuration.

After the admin training call, I could potentially work on a custom layout with someone on my team, where we brainstorm ideas about how we can configure a custom layout for a customer. Following that, I might work on some upload files; this is when a customer would send us data that they want to have integrated into Nexonia, which I upload to their account. The rest of my day usually includes answering customer emails, ending the day with a credit card set-up call to integrate a customer’s business credit cards with their account.

A few times a week, we also have a meeting with the Product Education team to see what we have coming down the pipeline; how many customers are coming in for demos, how many we’re expecting for admin trainings and which customers are scheduled to go live soon. This ensures that everyone’s prepared for the week ahead and we can plan accordingly.  

MADELEINE: What would you say is your favorite part about your job?

EMMA: I think my favorite part about my job is when I turn on a feature or a setting in an account, and someone gets excited and cheers on the other end of the phone, saying "No way! You can do that?!" And I’m happy to tell them, "Yes. Yes we can!" I love working with people and providing solutions for them that will make their lives a little bit easier.

MADELEINE: What's your favorite customer success story?

EMMA: I've had a couple of really challenging implementations that I can think of where we've had to revamp their entire account and give them a couple of options to choose from. We’ll go back and forth a few times until we find the perfect configuration for them and the end result is that they’re really, really happy with it.

A few months ago a customer emailed my boss directly, giving me praise for my hard work on creating the perfect configuration for her PO account. I spent a lot of time making sure I was meeting all of their unique needs and to hear such positive feedback really feels amazing.

MADELEINE: When you're not being an Implementation hero for Nexonia customers, what do you do in your spare time?

EMMA: In my spare time I really enjoy going on bike rides, so I’m excited now that the weather’s starting to get so much nicer here in Toronto. I'm hoping to do a bike tour this summer; I really want to ride to Montreal to visit our development teams, which would be around six full days of biking. I'm also currently in the middle of planning a trip to Europe in June, which I'm really excited about. I'm going to Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris for two weeks.

I also enjoy going out with friends to enjoy a pint of craft beer on the patio in the summer and I love going to see live music - there's always so much happening here in Toronto. And did I mention that I really like to put fun colors in my hair?

MADELEINE: And last but not least, what are some of your must-have mobile apps?

EMMA: I have quite a few! I really like Pocket which allows users to save all of their favourite articles on one easy-to-access platform so they can access them anytime, on any device. When I’m on my way to work in the mornings I’ll check what I’ve saved on my Pocket app and can read articles on the subway (and anytime I’m offline). Another great app for commutes to work (or anytime) is Pocket Casts - when I'm not at work, I love listening to podcasts. Oh and RocketMan is amazing too, it tells you exactly when the next streetcar is coming so you don't have to stand outside and wait a long time before it comes. Instagram and Snapchat are also a few fun must-have apps too. Back to Blog