Nexonia Employee Spotlight: Product Education Manager

Nexonia Employee Spotlight: Product Education Manager

nexonia employee spotlight featuring product education manager Jason Carlin

At Nexonia, we are in the business of delighting customers and ensuring that our unbeatable integrations are easy for you to navigate. This is where our Product Education Team steps up to the plate, ensuring that every customer is confident in using their Nexonia products and services. When it comes to the Product Education team: no question goes unanswered! With almost zero turnover since our company started selling products in 2004, this is largely due to the hard work and dedication from this energetic team.

Leading this talented group of Product Education Specialists is Jason Carlin, Nexonia’s Product Education Manager, and a veteran of the company. In between calls on a busy afternoon (which is every afternoon for someone on the Product Education Team!), I had the opportunity to sit with Jason and pick his brain about Nexonia, his role and his life outside of work:

MADELEINE: Let’s start at the top: tell me about yourself and your role at Nexonia!

JASON: I manage Nexonia’s Product Education Team, which is a customer-facing department that delivers product demonstrations for prospective customers. We learn what their problems and pain points are, what challenges they face and then we show them how Nexonia solutions can solve these issues. We also deliver all the training efforts for our customers; from planning the training, to the content, to the delivery – we cover it all.

MADELEINE: What was your role like on Day 1 versus now, and how has your career at Nexonia evolved over time?

JASON: I started with Nexonia almost two years ago, in March 2014. My first role was as a product trainer, and I was only the second trainer we had at that point in time. I quickly became the go-to person for most of our product demonstrations and training sessions company-wide. We have developed our team since then; presently there are four of us including myself and we're definitely looking to expand.

My career with Nexonia is constantly developing and evolving. Before starting here I had a lot of different job experiences, and many of these positions were at companies with thick organizational “red tape”. Responsibilities, policies and procedures were already set in stone. Whereas here at Nexonia, it’s a rise-to-the-occasion type of position. This hands-on, take action mentality was really exciting because it has allowed me to identify areas where we need to start doing something or try something differently, and immediately deliver on these needs. I would say the best word to describe the evolution of my career at Nexonia is organic – it’s been very empowering.

MADELEINE: I imagine there is no "typical day" for you, but generally what would a day in the life of a Product Education team member involve?

JASON: During a typical day, I could be doing six one-hour sessions at any given time, so it’s safe to say that 80% of our days are usually spent on calls with customers or prospective customers, identifying their needs and presenting solutions to them.

MADELEINE: What do you enjoy the most about your role as Product Education Manager?

JASON: I really enjoy receiving feedback from customers about how our solutions have affected them and made their lives easier. When we deliver the product to the customer and can hear them be “wowed” by it, it’s confirmation of a job well done. It’s fantastic hearing the relief in their voice, and them telling us, "Oh, we don't have to stay the way we are? This can actually make our jobs a lot easier!" We’ve even heard cheers in the background of a training session or demo every so often.

Another great instance is when we hear from someone who's been in finance for ages, having to use Excel spreadsheets to manually key things in. Within five minutes of showing them how our products work, we can literally hear gasping on the call, which is pretty awesome.

MADELEINE: What, in your opinion, are some of the best aspects about working at Nexonia? What would you say differentiates Nexonia the most from other companies you’ve worked for?

JASON: I would say that one of the best aspects about working at Nexonia is accessibility. You can approach anyone, managers or team members in Toronto or Montreal, and ask for their advice or opinion at any given time.

Another great aspect about working here is that everyone’s very engaged, and we are all working towards the same goal –  to delight our customers and help build an amazing company. The best part is that the company is open to new ideas and new processes, and that we're not locked into a static, set way of doing things. At most companies, people don’t question why certain policies, procedures and goals are in place.  Here, we are always asking, “Why are we doing this? What can we do better?” We're constantly evolving and growing.

MADELEINE: When you're not working at Nexonia, what are you up to?

JASON: I wear a few different hats. In addition to working at Nexonia, I'm also a part-time instructor at George Brown College’s School of Continuing Education. I teach an introductory course to social media marketing, giving students the foundational tools to navigate the social media world.  Other than that, in my quiet time I can often be found singing karaoke on a regular basis with friends.

MADELEINE: What is your go-to karaoke song?

JASON: “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen is definitely my go-to.

MADELEINE: What karaoke song best describes Nexonia (or) working on the Product Education team?

JASON: That’s a good question, I’d have to think about that a little bit. “With a Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles would probably be the most fitting.

MADELEINE: And finally, besides Nexonia's mobile apps, what are some of your favourite apps that you use?

JASON: I use OpenTable quite frequently which is a restaurant reservation app. Restaurants use it as their booking system, and for the user you can indicate how big your group will be, what time you are looking for, and it will generate restaurant suggestions, ratings, and menus for you.  I also regularly use Instagram, Facebook, Uber, and GameTime to get tickets for Blue Jays games. Aside from that, Downcast is a great app for listening to podcasts, which I frequently do in my downtime and on my commutes. Back to Blog