Nexonia Employee Spotlight: Customer Support Team Lead

Nexonia Employee Spotlight: Customer Support Team Lead

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Who ya gonna call (when you have a question about your Nexonia account)? Why, none other than our exceptional Customer Support team, whose remarkable reflexes and friendly approach to customer interactions has resonated with the administrators and users we serve. These Nexonians work hard to problem-solve everything from quick account fixes to complex accounting software data exchanges, making them an efficient unit and an integral part of the Nexonia experience for our customers.  

As Lead of the Level 2 Support team, Vishnu Singh has been with Nexonia long enough (a solid two and a half years) to see just how quickly progress has been made with the evolution of Nexonia’s products. In an interview with Vishnu, he reveals what working on Nexonia’s Support team is like, how his role has evolved and what makes working at Nexonia so great.  

JILL: Naturally the first thing I’m going to say is: tell us about yourself!

VISHNU: I was born in London, England and moved from the UK to Canada when I was only 13 years old. I started high school in Toronto then completed post-secondary, and I’ve pretty much been a Torontonian ever since.

I actually studied Journalism in University, which seems like a separation from what I’m currently doing now but there’s an element of customer service in journalism, just as much as there’s an inherent need to be a skillful storyteller in a Customer Support role. As a Support member at Nexonia, one facet of my job is to take large chunks of technical information (whether that be a feature request or a bug) and distill it into a cohesive and straightforward way for our customers to understand. At the end of the day, all that our customers want to know is whether their system or feature will function properly, so it’s up to me to relay important information in a way that makes sense to them and addresses their question directly.

JILL: It’s great that you’ve found a way to incorporate your communication studies into your daily work. So, how did you find your way to Nexonia?

VISHNU: Right before I joined Nexonia, I was looking for new work and a friend I follow on Twitter pointed out that someone she followed was tweeting about an open position that sounded like something I’d be interested in. So I followed up with Mark, the Customer Support Manager at Nexonia (who had been tweeting about the job) and we chatted back and forth for a bit before I came in for an interview. That was two and a half years ago, and at that time I think I was employee number 28. The office was much smaller back then; there were only four people who worked in Customer Support (including myself) and we all took on both a support function and management of implementations for our customers. Our team has grown quite a bit since then!

JILL: How has your role changed from the time you started at Nexonia to now?

VISHNU: The company has grown quite quickly in the past two years, and I’ve since moved into a different role. In order to scale our growth, what I worked on originally is now being handled between 3 different teams (Implementation, Support Level 1 & Support Level 2). Now, my job has become more focused on managing my team, following up with them and making sure they’re not being overloaded. My role as a Team Lead means that I have less tunnel vision; I’m not just thinking about myself and my own work, I’m able to see the bigger picture much better.

JILL: As a senior member of our Customer Support team, can you tell us what your day-to-day is like?

VISHNU: The Customer Support team at Nexonia is broken down into two levels, and my team (Level 2) deals with the more complex questions that roll in. When support tickets do come in, they are evaluated and assigned to Level 1 or 2 immediately. Compared to other support agencies out there, ours has a very quick turnaround for responding to support tickets. We often have meetings with our product development teams, as well as representatives of the various accounting software solutions we integrate with, in order to better tackle these ticket queries. My team also handles any corporate credit card questions that customers might have.  

Generally, when things are going well I really don’t have too much direct contact with customers, but I’m the first point of contact if things need to be escalated.

[caption id="attachment_18215" align="alignright" width="444"] Positive feedback from a Nexonia customer regarding working with Vishnu.[/caption]

JILL: Can you tell me about something you were really proud of while working at Nexonia?

VISHNU: Even though the front end of Nexonia is easy to use, the product in the backend has a lot of moving parts, and depending on the customer’s account, it can be quite complex to set-up. My proudest moment involves helping to set-up a very complex customer account on my own. Once that account goes live and is running on its own, it’s like “I made that possible!” It’s a really good feeling, especially when you can make even a complex process very straightforward for a customer.

JILL: What appealed to you about working at Nexonia? What do you enjoy most about working here?

VISHNU: First and foremost: the people here have created an amazing culture. These are people that I instantly connected with, and who I also enjoy hanging out with outside of work hours. I also find the growth and changes at Nexonia to be both exciting and challenging. It’s a great place to grow your career at because you’ve got a strong team who are all rolling up their sleeves to build better processes from the ground up.

JILL: When you’re not at work, what do you like to do?

VISHNU: I used to spend my money on going to films, buying new records and trying new craft beer from independent breweries. Now, I’m spending my hard-earned money on diapers and other baby supplies! My son is now five months old, so my main hobby at the moment is being a dad. We plan on travelling to the UK in the Fall to do a bit of a “baby tour” with my extended family there.

JILL: And finally, besides Nexonia's mobile apps, what are some of your favourite apps that you use?

VISHNU: At the moment I don’t really have a favourite app, especially considering I’ve been through four or five new phones in the span of the last year (a number of “butter fingers” incidents involving a jacuzzi, a lake and a concrete sidewalk)! I do, however, spend far too much time on Twitter (hey, it’s how I got this job) and my Instagram has become a collection of one of two things: beer or baby photos.


Want to join this team? Nexonia is hiring! Visit our Careers page for more information on the opportunities available.

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