Nexonia Accounts Payable & NetSuite: Three Things You Need to Know

Nexonia Accounts Payable & NetSuite: Three Things You Need to Know
Nexonia Accounts Payable with NetSuiteWith over six years of hands-on integrations with NetSuite, we’ve had plenty of experience configuring products that work extremely well with NetSuite’s ERP system. One of the best things about NetSuite (amongst many things!) is its host of many various capabilities, and we enjoy working with these to create new products, features and processes that integrate seamlessly with NetSuite. True story: our newest product, Nexonia Accounts Payable, was created because one of our customers requested it! With that in mind, here’s three things you should know about our AP NetSuite integration:

1. Incredibly Flexible Approval Processes

Nexonia Accounts Payable was developed to help NetSuite users optimize their accounts payable workflow end-to-end by increasing both efficiency and control. The payment approval process increases visibility throughout each stage; all the while synchronizing with your existing NetSuite system. Nexonia’s Accounts Payable solution wasn’t created to replace NetSuite’s AP capabilities, but rather to act as the front-end of the ERP, handling all workflow approvals, routing and rejections within an easy-to-use interface.

Get creative by dreaming up any approval process on the planet – it will be supported in Nexonia! Route it based on purchase category, employee, vendor...whatever your heart desires, we can make it happen in our system. For example, while native NetSuite doesn’t currently support a manager field at the department class or location, NetSuite is excellent at hosting custom fields. A Nexonia AP user could create a custom list record in NetSuite against the the department, calling it an “Employee List Record”. At that point, Nexonia can synchronize that custom list record “Department Manager” field from NetSuite into Nexonia, and even use that in the overall approval routing. That’s just one small example of what we could do!

2. Very Accessible Vendor Portal

To make things even easier and more automated (ahem, that means less paperwork for you!), we’ve created a user-friendly vendor portal; accessible to both administrators and your vendors and suppliers. By assigning a unique email address to each vendor, your vendors can then send a message to their unique email address with their attached vendor bill, with Nexonia automatically assigning the bill as an attached draft format in the system. At that point you can categorize it, add line items and code it against various things. Since each unique email address is assigned to a specific vendor, you won’t have to spend time matching the bills to the vendors. Once the vendor bill is fully approved, it will show up as a vendor bill in NetSuite, marked as full-approved, with the invoice attachment.

The best part is, you won’t have to give your vendors access to NetSuite (vendor access is strictly through Nexonia) and the vendors won’t count as additional Nexonia users. That means you only need to pay for your own internal Nexonia/NetSuite AP administrators. Each vendor can have as many (free!) users as they’d like!

Did You Know...

Rather than issuing printed W-9 forms to suppliers, the IRS permits the submission of an electronic version of the form. With Nexonia, you’ll have the ability to easily keep on top of vendor W-9s. At the beginning of the calendar year, your Nexonia Accounts Payable system will be able to lock out vendors – only unlocking them until they’ve uploaded their W-9s. Handy, huh?

3. Full Training & Support Included

As with all Nexonia products, once you activate your Nexonia Accounts Payable solution, you’ll have access to our training and support resources. Our team is passionate about providing as many resources as possible (including recorded online training sessions, prompt customer support via email and phone or web chat) so that you can get up and running quickly and effortlessly. But what’s the best part about our service? We never tell you no! If you find that there’s a feature in Nexonia Accounts Payable that you’d like to see added, removed or changed, we’d like to know about it so that we can make it happen!

Want to see more? Use our handy online calendar to book a demo of Nexonia Accounts Payable for a time that works for you!

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