NetSuite Partner Newsletter - September 2015



New Features for NetSuite:

  • NetSuite Inbound SSO Authentication: Nexonia no longer needs to store a password – this can be done through a newer API from NetSuite called "Inbound SSO."
  • Coming Soon: Nexonia just for approval routing with PO and AP – meaning that your POs and vendor invoices are entered into NetSuite but all of the approval routing and status updating happens with Nexonia.
  • Coming Soon: PO/AP integration.
  • New Homepage: Our homepage has changed to be more elegant and useful, including download links for our mobile apps if a user has Expenses and/or Timesheets enabled. There is more to come here, going forward!
  • Expense Category Export/Import: If you have big lists of expense categories and want to make bulk changes, you can now perform them in Excel!
  • Time Off Interface Refinements: New tooltips and refinements to the interface.
  • Time Off Holiday/Timesheet Integration: Coming soon in October.
  • Time Off Seniority Rules: This optional setting is also coming in October. As employees grow in years with the company, they will automatically end up with more vacation time (if you set it up that way).
  • Nexonia Timesheets: Our support for multi-timers has been completed by our development team and is now in testing for release shortly. You will be able to start a timer on the web and stop it on your phone... and vice versa!
  • Nexonia Expenses: We've started working on swipe-to-delete for reports and items, multi-add for receipts and items, a revamped menu structure, and a revamped amount editor, just to name some of the new features in our next release (late October/early November).
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