NetSuite Partner Newsletter - May 2015



New Features for NetSuite:

  • Accounts Payable: We can now send not only bill attachments to NetSuite but also vendor attachments like W-9s and contracts. We also added a ton of new AP features that you can see below.  


  • New Sign In Page: This is the tip of the iceberg! We’re now moving through our core web user interface and will be refining and enhancing the interface over the coming months.
  • Automatic.com Integration: Plug the Automatic adapter into your car’s data port (did you know your car has one?) and then with Nexonia on the web you can add your car’s trips right into your expense report.
  • Travel Integration: We’re seeing a very big demand for increased travel integrations so we’ve added travel booking invoice attachments and more refined travel systems integration. We’re just finishing up some great credit card matching for trips booked with online booking systems.
  • Expense Payment Notifications: If you have expense payments either integrated via one of our ERP integrations or if you do them manually, we now have a special email/mobile notification for the employees when their expenses are paid.
  • AP/PO Acceleration: We’ve added a ton of features to our AP and POs, including a new page layout, refined vendor document type controls, the ability to email in vendor documents beyond just bills. You can also see certain defined links to vendor attachments (e.g. contracts) when creating a bill. We now support Sunshine Act tagging of NPI numbers in POs. We also added proxy capabilities to AP. Multiple Expense Receipts per PDF Page: Another new receipt export setting from us.
  • Expense Categories Filtered By User: Yet another new setting for the handling of expense categories. 


  • We've made a number of small refinements this month, with our next big release being our new iOS Expenses UI arriving in about four weeks.  
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