NetSuite Partner Newsletter - February 2015



New for NetSuite:

  • User Roles from NetSuite: If you like you can create a custom field in NetSuite at the employee or vendor level (depending on your Nexonia setup) that contains the same values as the labels for Nexonia User Roles, and then you can set Nexonia user roles from inside NetSuite.
  • Project Resources from NetSuite Project Custom Field: You can now specify if project resources are to come from NetSuite's native resource settings OR from a NetSuite employee ­list custom field. Timesheet Custom Fields: We now support timesheet custom fields as specified in your NetSuite custom field list.
  • Timesheet Form: You can now specify the form ID for the NetSuite timesheet transfers from Nexonia.
  • Non-­Integrated Expense Categories: You normally need integrated expense categories, but now you can create categories to hold expenses where the data won't be sent to NetSuite (such as personal non­-reimbursable expenses).


  • HTML Emails: Our password reset emails have now gone HTML and in the coming weeks we're moving all our emails to a more pleasant and light HTML interface.
  • Faster Timesheets: We've added a lot of performance improvements for our customers who have very large weekly timesheets. This is also something important to note... if you see something slow in Nexonia, just let us know. In software, you can almost always make it faster. The developers just need to know about it. :)
  • Another OCR Integration: We've had receipt OCR for a while through our strategic partner Shoeboxed, but we designed our OCR service to always be able to support multiple OCR options, and we've just added a second that's currently in a free trial period for all customers. However, most of our customers don't need OCR as our mobile apps now allow for each date and amount entry when taking a picture, and what's easier than entering the amount when you're still looking at the receipt?
  • Web Timers – Stop All: If you have a bunch of timesheet timers running on the web, you can now select them and click on a new button to stop them all at once and populate your timesheet.


  • Nexonia Timesheets New UI: It's awesome and now out for Android and available for iOS in just a few days as version 4.0! Check out the awesome video in our press release to show you what's now available!
  • New Expenses UI: We'll be developer­complete on Android in a week, and then it's all about testing. Android will be out late March and then iOS in late April/May.
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