NetSuite Newsletter - September 2014



  • Timesheet Service Items into Nexonia Task Categories: we now have an option to have them fully synced all the time!
  • Timesheet Transfer Filter Options: we've now added all our time filter options to our NetSuite transfer setups, so we can add or exclude time data from the transfers through our standard frameworks.
  • Expense Category Mapping to Nexonia Project Types: we've always had expense category filtering by project type in Nexonia, but now you can do this thanks to our engineers and the great custom field support that NetSuite has!
  • NetSuite Manager Field Mappings: you can now map the NetSuite supervisor, time and expense approvers into different areas in Nexonia,meaning even more granular control over your approval processes from within NetSuite.
  • Purchasing Support for 'Lot Numbered Inventory Item': yet another item type that we now support with our NetSuite purchasing integration.
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