NetSuite Newsletter - July 2015



New Features for NetSuite:

  • NetSuite Inbound SSO Authentication Model: Nexonia no longer has to have a NetSuite password in our system as we can pre-­authenticate with NetSuite to get an integration token.
  • Expense Category Filtering for Expense AP integration via NetSuite Vendor Custom Field: That’s a mouthful, but it means that you can control which expense categories show up for which users in Nexonia through a NetSuite custom field. And yes, as soon as someone asks, we’d be happy to do it if you have us setup for Employee integration instead of Vendor integration.
  • PO/AP Subsidiary and Multi­-Currency Support for OneWorld Customers: We now support this and it’s a great addition to our PO/AP solutions.
  • PO Advanced Field Mapping: This is for setting custom field values in NetSuite where the values are derived from other integration fields.
  • PO/AP Change Management: Through a setting you’ll now be able to add new lines to PO and AP documents and have them route for approvals and then create new lines (or documents) in NetSuite.
  • Even More PO/AP: Lots (and we mean lots) of continued granular control of Nexonia AP settings from within NetSuite, both standard and custom fields. 


  • Credit Card / Receipt Date Lazy Matching: This is the first time we’ve mentioned “lazy” in a newsletter. It’s because sometimes the date of the receipt is not the date of the credit card transaction, so we wanted to match based on amount even if the date is slightly off.
  • Reporting Export Filename: This is now a reporting run­time field if you’re exporting reports in Excel or PDF formats.
  • PO/AP Custom Fields Filtered by Project: This means we can display different fields based on a specific project.
  • Reporting on Deleted PO/AP Documents: This is important from an audit trail perspective.
  • PO/AP Change Control: You can now – via a setting – allow for new lines to be added to PO and AP documents and to have those new lines still be exported into your ERP system (in a couple of different ways). 
  • Nexonia Expenses for iOS: Our new user interface is out!
  • Nexonia Expenses BlackBerry 10: The new UI is out! (And no, BlackBerry didn't ask us to put a child-age rating on it.) :)
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