March 2014 - Intacct Newsletter



  • Cash Management Support: now we can send credit card transactions  as Intacct's credit card transactions under Cash Management. This is  addition to our existing vendor bills and expense report options.
  • Employees with a Future Start Date: we now have a setting where those employees won't be provisioned in Nexonia until their start date has passed.
  • Project Custom Field Syncing: project custom fields in Intacct can now appear in Nexonia project custom fields.
  • Credit Card Mapping per Cardholder: now you can really refine how the credit card transactions go into Intacct, all per individual cardholder.
  • Department, Class & Location Filtering: if you don't want all options for a dimension in Nexonia, you can now add a checkbox custom field to them in Intacct and Nexonia will respect that checkbox.

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