Lyft Introduces Nexonia as a New Expense Management Partner


Expensing your business Lyft ride just got easier with new Nexonia integration.

Lyft and Nexonia today announced a partnership to simplify the expense report process for business travelers. Lyft, the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S., introduced the number one most requested feature for business travelers: automatic ride expensing. Now, business travelers using Lyft can can set up their business profiles to automatically forward receipts into Nexonia, eliminating the need for receipt screenshots and email forwarding.

Setup is quick and easy. Users simply open the Lyft app, tap “Business profile” or create one, tap “Expense management” and select Nexonia. Once completed, all business ride receipts going forward are automatically sent to users’ Nexonia Expense accounts. Nexonia then converts the receipts into itemized expense receipts.

“Nexonia has partnered with Lyft to help improve the expense workflow for the business traveler,” says Paul Thedinga, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Nexonia. “When you are on the go, ease of use is important. Our world-class mobile app, in conjunction with Lyft, automates the receipt entry process.”  

This integration supports Nexonia’s commitment to simplifying expense management. Building the best time and expense management software for business travelers is an essential part of that focus. By automating the ride expensing process, Nexonia eliminates busywork and empowers business travelers to concentrate on real work.  

We will continue to partner with companies such as Lyft to make business travel a hassle-free experience,” says Paul Thedinga. “Nexonia is committed to bringing expanded functionality to the market.”

About Nexonia

Nexonia is a leading provider of web and mobile Expense Reports and Timesheets solutions. Nexonia’s easy-to-use applications are fully integrated with ERPs, credit cards, and other systems supporting a variety of businesses. Nexonia solutions are designed to streamline the reporting and approval process, improve human resource management, and enhance operational efficiency. Recently, Nexonia joined forces with Certify, Tallie, and ExpenseWatch to form the largest independent expense management company in the world. For more information about Nexonia, please visit www.nexonia.com.

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