June 2013 - NetSuite Newsletter



  • Payment status sync: once expense reimbursement payments are completed, Nexonia will sync the payment status automatically from NetSuite
  • Options for "User Value" for some dimensions: this means that you can sync the default settings for a dimension to Nexonia and have that value set on the expense report in NetSuite, all without cluttering up the user's Nexonia UI with the display of that dimension value
  • Options for syncing a NetSuite dimension default value for reporting: allowing you to report from within Nexonia about the user's Department, Class and Location
  • Amex Individual Bill / Company Pay support: a one-click ability to automatically pay employee credit card bills for the portion of the AmEx charges that the employee has had approved via Nexonia and transferred to NetSuite
  • Ability to sync a NetSuite custom field into Nexonia's employee number field: if for example you have a "payroll id" as a custom field in NetSuite and you'd like that to be reflected in Nexonia

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