June 2013 - Customer Newsletter



  • Web:
    • Expense Previous/Next Navigation: now when you have an expense report or a line item open, you'll see navigation buttons to move back and forth between reports and line items respectively
    • Expense Advanced Attendees: we enhanced our attendees functionality to support name/title/company more elegantly, plus the Physician Payment Sunshine Act requirements
    • Expense MCC Code Mapping: this allows you to use industry standard MCC codes as "hints" for identifying the correct expense category in Nexonia. They can still be overridden by the user!
    • Purchase Order: we've added custom field support for Purchase Orders, both at the line item and PO level
  • Mobile:
    • Subtle updates: we have some bigger updates planned for later in June, but the last month has been all about some smaller updates to refine features and address minor issues that have come up

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