July 2013 - Customer Newsletter



  • Web:
    • Sunshine feature: with one click now any Nexonia administrator can activate the feature easily in the matter of seconds
    • Policy Violation: for editing exchange rate
    • Policy Violation: for changing Google calculated mileage more than a certain percentage
    • No Longer IE7: We only had a handful of user but significant IE7-specific code we could remove. We support IE 8, 9 and IE 10 plus all other browsers
    • Timesheet negative hours: this adds banked time into your timesheets if you're configured for it
  • Mobile:
    • Multi-user capability: allows you to manage multiple accounts from your mobile device without loging in and out every time. Available for Android now and iOS in August
    • New Interface: available since June for iOS and coming in August for Android
    • Sunshine act support: available now for Android and by July 19th for iOS

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