January 2014 - Intacct Newsletter


 NEW FOR January 2014

  • Vendor Bills: you can now have a mixture of Nexonia expense reports appearing in Intacct as vendor bills or expense reports. This includes credit card transaction integration.
  • Customers/Projects as Separate Dimensions: we've always synced customers and projects as a hierarchy with Intacct, but now we have an option to have them as separate dimensions.
  • Cardholder Custom Field: we can now send in the corporate cardholder information into a line item custom field for Intacct expense reports and/or vendor bills.
  • Project Start/End: you can turn on the ability for Nexonia to sync the project start and stop dates, which we can respect in our apps.
  • SemiMonthly Timesheet Transfers: we now have a setting where we can send timesheets to Intacct aligned with the Intacct 1st-15th, 16th to month end timesheet settings.

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