January 2014 - Customer Newsletter


 NEW FOR January 2014

  • Web:
    • Timesheet Attachments: you can now add an unlimited number of attachments in a weekly timesheet by turning on this free feature.
    • Nexonia Logo: we added it to the top right as we're very proud of our company and the work we do!
    • N-level Expense Categories: we still support two level selection levels, but we've extended it with a setting so you can make it an unlimited number of levels deep.
    • N-level Task Categories: you can now have timesheet task categories in an unlimited number of structured levels deep (e.g. select a top level, get a list of sub-levels, and so on).
    • Automated Error Notifications: you can now specify a list of email addresses to be notified should there be any kind of integration issue for any of our integrations.
    • SSO Parameters: it's no longer a Nexonia-only setup capability as we now expose our SSO setup settings so our customers can administer them.
  • Mobile:
    • Web to Mobile updates: many, many updates to catch our mobile clients up to the most recent features we've added to our web interface over the last 30 days.
    • Windows Phone: we've done lots of work on our expenses app, expected out later in February 2014. Windows Phone timesheets is later in 2014.

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