Intacct Partner Newsletter - October 2015



New Features for Intacct:

  • More Payment Types Support: Support for Expense Payment Types per entity per card source.
  • More Project Resources:  Support for auto-all assignment of project resources if the project doesn’t have resource filtering.
  • Small Refinements:  We’re always making refinements for our Intacct customers and we made some new ones for them during September.
  • Real-Time Sync Coming Very Soon: We’re adding real-time sync to our integration options shortly, meaning if you have it turned on that changes in Intacct customers, projects, items, employees and all our Intacct integration options will be reflected in Nexonia in real-time. Those of us that have seen it think it’s truly awesome.
  • New Main Expense/Time Listings: Hot on the heels of our home page re-design we’ve now added our updated UI to our main expense and time listings. Yes, you’ll see the core interface in both products get this treatment, not to mention our other products. Please stay tuned and look out for the updates in the coming weeks.
  • Export Date as a Reporting Selection Criteria: You asked for it and you’ve got it!
  • Duplicate Detection Criteria Now Includes Category: It’s a new option we’ve made available for you!
  • Timesheet Durations Using Military Time: We now support entering time in this new format, no change in settings required. It just works!
  • Fiscal Calendar Support for Annual Expense Policies: Not every company’s year end falls on Dec. 31st, and now our annual expense spending policies can be set for any fiscal year end-date.
  • Nexonia Timesheets: Our support for multi-timers has been completed by our development team and is in final testing for release shortly. You’ll be able to start a timer on the web and stop it on your phone...and vice versa!
  • Nexonia Expenses: Work is well underway on swipe-to-delete for reports and items, multi-add for receipts and items, a revamped menu structure and a revamped amount editor, just to name some of the features coming in our next release (late October/early November).
  • Apple Watch Timesheet Timers: Yes, you read that right! We’re starting work soon (our lead developer on this has been known to do a “happy dance”). You’ll be able to use your watch to tap between timers you’ve set up on the web or on your phone. Talk about consultants wowing their clients!
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