Intacct Partner Newsletter – December 2015



  • PO/AP Integration: You asked for it and now we have it!
  • Nexonia Projects to Intacct: Now projects created in Nexonia (your users would need permission to do so) will auto-create projects in Intacct.
  • Real-Time Sync: Available now for certain Intacct objects and we’re always happy to add more. Please note that this feature requires Intacct Platform Services.
  • Timesheets Entries Partially Completed: We now support the saving of timesheets in an incomplete state, but with prevention of submission until they’re fully filled in.
  • PO Linking to AP Bills: An oft-requested feature that’s now available!
  • Time Off Recall: Now your employees can recall a Time Off entry, even if it’s approved, as long as it’s for a future date. Don’t forget we support expense recall as a setting too, and our next release of our mobile expense apps will support recall (but only for submitted, not approved expenses).
  • Duplicate Flagging for Corporate Credit Cards: We know can auto-flag possible duplicate expense credit card charges, which are quite rare as Amex, Visa and MasterCard are extremely reliable with their corporate credit card feeds.
  • Time Allocations: Now supports quota notifications emails.
  • PO Editing Detailed History: This enhancement means we now can tell you everything that went on during and after the edit of a PO.
  • Nexonia Timesheets: Multi-timers have been released! You’re now able to start a timer on the web and stop it on your phone… and visa versa!
  • Nexonia Expenses: Our next release is now development-complete and in testing for the next few weeks. We have our fingers crossed that it’ll be out mid-to-late January.
  • Apple Watch Timesheet Timers: Yes, you read that right! It’s development-complete and in testing now. You’ll be able to use your watch to tap between timers you’ve set up on the web or on your phone. Talk about consultants wowing their clients! You can expect it in January.
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