Intacct Newsletter - October 2014



  • Intacct Advantage 2014: we can't want to see you all in Orlando. We highly recommend the show!
  • Nexonia Purchase Orders: now fully integrated with Intacct!
  • Vendor Bill Allocation Support: we got on a call with a customer and they described allocations in vendor bills, so we set it up on the spot thanks to our awesome Intacct integration options. Soon after we were asked for "optional allocations" and if not set then use the Nexonia entered dimension values, so we adde that too!
  • Time Off with Intacct Timesheet Integration: now we have full time off / vacation tracking, including automated accruals.
  • Receipts into Cash Management: this is our first line-item receipt integration so that we send the individual receipts related to cash management charge transactions.
  • Cash Management Period Override Date: we now have a setting where you can set the date for the oldest closed period.


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