Intacct Newsletter - June 2015



New Features for Intacct:

  • Intacct Expense Payment Types: This is really awesome for credit card expenses, whether they’re billable or not. It means Nexonia can now send in non­-reimbursable and reimbursable expenses in the same Intacct expense report, and it means we can also send in cash management credit card transactions for reconciliation into Intacct Cash Management.
  • Intacct Vendor Custom Field Syncing to Nexonia: If you add a custom field in Intacct on the vendor record and want to use it in Nexonia Accounts Payable, we’ve got you covered. 


  • Expense Report Download as CSV: Actions > View CSV beside any expense report.
  • Timesheet Filter Task Categories by User Role: Just another one of our task category filtering options. We have lots of them!
  • PO Approval Routing by Total Amount: A small refinement of our PO/AP system as it continues to grow in the depth of features.


  • Nexonia Expenses for iOS: New UI is coming in 2­-3 weeks.
  • Nexonia Expenses BlackBerry 10: New UI is coming in 2-­3 weeks. 
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