Intacct Newsletter - June 2014



  • Native Expense Receipts!: Native Expense Receipts! We know we said it twice, but it's very cool and it's thanks to enhancements Intacct has made to their receipt APIs. You no longer need Intacct Platform Services to have your expense receipts show up in Intacct (but we still support it!).
  • Project Department, Class or Location mapped to Nexonia ProjectType: this is a nice little refinement for reporting.
  • Project Membership based on Project Department, Class orLocation: this is very cool and a big timesaver if you want employees that are part of a department to only see projects that are related to that department. The same setting is there for Class and Location too in case you want to use these dimensions instead.
  • Project Name: you can now have the Nexonia project name as the Intacct project ID.


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