Intacct Newsletter - August 2015



New Features for Intacct:

  • Nexonia Reference Date Mapping: For those of you that use Nexonia Reporting for getting billable receipts by customer/project, you know that Intacct uses Posting Date for their billing criteria and now Nexonia can give you the setting to map "Reference Date" to the same settings as Posting Date. This means you have a perfect match for running your receipt reports!
  • User Defined Dimensions: We now support Credit Cards as Journal Entries and also for Accounts Payable 


  • New Menu: It looks nicer and cleaner and if you scroll the menu will stay at the top. This new look is coming in a month or two to our tables and menus underneath the main menu.
  • Expense Recall: This is a web­-only feature (coming soon to mobile) where employees can now recall submitted expenses not already approved! Gear > Company > Features > Edit > “Allow users to recall a report after submitting”. It’ll send an email to all current and prior approvers to let them know the report has been recalled.
  • Orbitz Travel Integration: We’re up to five travel integrations now! Egencia, nuTravel, Orbitz, GetThere and Atriis.
  • Reference Date: This is a special hidden date field in expenses that can be set to be a number of things, but is mostly used for alignment with a posting date in accounting systems for when you want to extract reports by this posting date. 
  • Export Date and Reference Date Reporting: You now have these dates as reporting run-­time criteria if you want to use them.
  • Region Labeling: You can now re­label “Region” to be whatever you want. For example, some ERPs call it “Subsidiary” and others call it “Entity”.
  • Download Email Addresses Separator: Some emails systems like a comma and others like a semi­-colon, so we’ve added support for both!  
  • All Platforms: Small refinements based on our new UI. However, we received some "quick and easy" refinements as part of our end user survey that we'll be implementing shortly. 
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