Intacct Newsletter - April 2015



New Features for Intacct:

  • Expense Adjustments: We now have full support for expense adjustments to handle any negative-value expense report. It's just a simple setting to turn the feature on. 
  • Accounts Payable: Many new refinements and even a new optional UI page layout coming soon!


  • Preventing New Expenses to Existing Reports: We have a lot of settings for this, but we just added the ability to block new entries once all entries have been submitted. 
  • Automated Notifications When an Expense Report is Paid: It's new and it's ready...both for web and mobile. 
  • Expense From/To Labels are Editable: Just in case you don't want From and To to be your labels for our multi­date fields. This is now a label setting for each multi­ date expense category. 
  • CC Email for Expense Rejections: Have you ever wanted to see every rejection email, sent to one place? Now you can with this new feature.
  • Password Reset for Multiple Companies: This is a small enhancement, but now you can set the password for all accounts linked to your single email at the same time. This makes things a lot easier for our integrated and referral and reseller partners. 
  • Accounts Payable: Since it's new, we've added lots of new features and refinements in April – too many to mention – with even more to come. We like to refine new products at a rapid pace to ensure the maturity level goes up very quickly.


  • New Expenses UINexonia Expenses for Android, Version 10 with our all-new UI is out! The iOS version of our new UI is coming in 4-6 weeks.  
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