Intacct Newsletter - April 2014



  • Unlimited Custom Field Mapping in Intacct: this gives the ultimate amount of content mapping from any field or combination of Nexonia fields into an unlimited number of standard or custom fields in Intacct. This works for expense reports, vendor bills and cash management, at both the header and line item levels. 
  • APMini in Nexonia: this means you can use Nexonia Expenses with a special field at the expense report header level that will turn that expense report into a vendor bill in Intacct Accounts Payable, payable to the integrated Intacct vendor that's selected. Receipt transfer is fully supported as well.
  • More 1099 Settings: we added alwaysyes and alwaysno to our other existing options.
  • Option to Sync Item setup from Intacct Expense Types: this goes along with all our other item sync settings (we have 4 or 5 now). These options are typically quite important for expenses billable back to customers and projects.
  • Nonintegration Users: you can now create users in Nexonia that are not part of Intacct anywhere (e.g. for group approvals or administration).


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